Process Sketchbook

Into the Garvey-verse

Matt Garvey posted this yesterday:

Some fan art of Dave from Untitled Generic Space Comedy to celebrate Matt’s 20th comic launch.

Abandoned fan art sketches of the primary and tertiary characters from UGSC designed by John McFarlane.


Alien Day 2019

I initially abandoned this first set of rough sketches for alien day.

It was only when @omarcomics pointing out the leaping pose, I decided to enlarge the thumbnail and see if I could finish it in procreate.

I really liked the basic silhouette that I roughed out in the initial sketches and tried to retain the energy of the jump when drawing the pencil outlines.

I quickly spotted the blacks using a large round brush and then erased with a fine pencil to create the details around the mouth and neck.

A default spatter brush was used to soften the edges and add texture.

I experimented with a variety of backgrounds but settled on using a large distressed brush to add motion lines combined with a textured overlay layer.


Cosmic Ghost Rider

Pretty awesome to get a signal boost like this from Donny Cates:

Really like the look of this character, retro spaceman with death metal energy, couldn’t help but picture these guys when I was drawing those shoulder pads.

Had a lot of fun with the texture details on the armour adding dents, slices and other battle damage.