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Felt like sketching a few more of these goofs and dusted off my Huion light pad earlier in the week. Amazingly it still works, I should really use it more often, this thing is great! Anyway, I had a few roughs left over from my alien day stuff and got to work dividing up some A4 bristol. Really looking forward to inking these traditionally over the next few days when I get a chance.

Like so many others this last week I also joined Cara:

I’ve been generally dissatisfied with my experience on social media for a while now, it’s increasingly more difficult to just see great art without the continual interruption of ads, meaningless video content, etc.

I’m lucky that I don’t depend on these platforms for any kind of income and I’m just on there to post the odd sketch and add a wee comment here and there. So far Cara is a good space just for that and it looks like more and more of my favourite artists are moving to the app.

In other news my web host is closing so I’m gonna have to think about what I do with this place. I enjoy having a web site if for no other reason than to have an online sketchbook/diary of sorts but the visitor numbers don’t really justify it’s existence.

If you’ve any recommendations for affordable shared WP hosting in the UK, let me know in the comments, it’d be real good to hear from ya!

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