Thumbs up

Just tweaking a thumbprint brush I created in CSP along with some other inking tests.

Alas, poor Yorick!

Inspired by PJ Holden’s thumbprint brush for CSP I created a very simple spiral brush to play with some shading. Gotta say it’s a really nice effect that instantly improved the solid blacks on this.


Picked up a lot of awesome books and comics at DCAF this year, the first up on the reading pile is Bags by Patrick McHale and Gavin Fullerton. Gavin discussed some of his work on bags during a talk alongside Declan Shalvey and Phil Barrett at dcaf and I couldn’t wait to grab a copy after seeing some of the preview pages.

Such a great book, I just had to do some quick fan art sketches in procreate based on one of my favourite moments. It’s been a while since I’ve inked anything traditionally so I drew the layout onto watercolour paper before inking with a platinum carbon pen and brush for greywash and black fills.