Thumbs up

Just tweaking a thumbprint brush I created in CSP along with some other inking tests.

Rusty cage

A wee 2021 sketchdump… sadly, not much time for drawing this year.

Quite a few months between these but I had fun with the Audrey II sketches… Feeeeeed me Seymour!!!

Been feeling a little aimless with my inking this last year, a little bored with the lines I’m putting down. This page was an attempt to concentrate on pencilling again, to shake the rust off.

February 2021

Very quick fan art of Matt Garvey from back in October, drawn in procreate.

Some other stuff from the sketchbook…

Sketchbook 2020

I’ve put together a 16 page collection of drawings and illustrations from the last two years, check it out below or download the free pdf.

Darren-Reynolds-2020.pdf (approx 6.2 MB)